Department of Inorganic Chemistry guarantees the studies of Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Teaching of Chemistry in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD study programmes. The research at the department focuses on development of new types of biologically active compounds based on transition metal complexes with medicinal application potential (e.g. compounds with anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic activity), on preparation and studies of complexes with industrial application potential in the area of sensors, memory and storage units with high density of information, and also on development of hybrid molecular-crystalline nanostructures applicable in the area of targeted delivery of small molecules, e.g. drugs.


 Our teaching activities, as a guarantee of Teaching of Chemistry studies at the Faculty of Science of Palacký University in Olomouc, are also focused on science popularization for pupils and secondary school students, co-organisation of chemical Olympics and also on extracurricular chemical activities for primary and secondary school students.


The review entitled "Platinum complexes containing adenine-based ligands: An overview of selected structural features" (authors: P. Štarha, J. Vančo, Z. Trávníček) was published in the journal Coordination Chemistry Reviews.


The publication entitled "A Photoactivatable Platinum(IV) Complex Targeting Genomic DNA and Histone Deacetylases"(authors: J. Kašpárková, H. Kostrhunová, O. Nováková, R. Křikavová, J. Vančo, Z. Trávníček, V. Brabec) was published in a journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

28. aug 2015

The tenth national patent entitled "Dichlorido complexes of platinum with kinetin derivatives, method of their preparation and use of these complexes as drugs in anticancer treatment" (CZ 305411 B6; inventors: Z. Trávníček, R. Novotná, Z. Dvořák) was granted on 2015/08/28.

26. aug 2015

The publication entitled "Highly and Broad-Spectrum In Vitro Antitumor Active cis-Dichloridoplatinum(II) Complexes with 7-Azaindoles" (authors: P. Štarha, Z. Dvořák, Z. Trávníček), was published in a journal PLoS ONE.

25. aug 2015

The ninth national patent "Platinum dijodido-complexes and their use for preparation of drugs for the treatment of tumour diseases" (CZ 305374 B6; inventors: Z. Trávníček, P. Štarha, Z. Dvořák) was granted on 2015/07/08.

12. aug 2015

The publication entitled "Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Magnetic Exchange Pathways in Structurally Diverse Iron(III) Schiff-Base Complexes" (authors: R. Herchel, I. Nemec, M. Machata, Z. Trávníček), was published in a journal Inorganic Chemistry.

12. aug 2015

The publication entitled "Field-induced slow relaxation of magnetization in pentacoordinate Co(II) compound [Co(phen)(DMSO)Cl2]" (authors: I. Nemec, R. Marx, R. Herchel, P. Neugebauer, J. van Slagerenb, Z. Trávníček), was published in a journal Dalton Transactions.

4. jun 2015

The publication entitled „Suppressing of slow magnetic relaxation in tetracoordinate Co(II) field-induced single-molecule magnet in hybrid material with ferromagnetic barium ferrite“ (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) was published in a journal Scientific Reports.

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