27. mar 2018

Publication entitled "Spin crossover Fe(II) complexes of a cross-bridged cyclam derivative" (authors: B. Drahoš, Z. Trávníček) has been published in the chemistry journal Dalton Transactions.

21. dec 2017

The publication entitled "Two polymorphic Co(II) field-induced single-ion magnets with enormous angular distortion from the ideal octahedron" (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) was published in Dalton Transactions.


15. dec 2017

The publication entitled "Effect of linear and non-linear pseudohalides on the structural and magnetic properties of Co(II) hexacoordinate single-molecule magnets" (authors: L. Váhovská, S. Vitushkina, I. Potočňák, Z. Trávníček, R. Herchel) was published in Dalton Transactions.


A publication entitled "Impact of substituent variation on the presence of thermal spin crossover in a series of mononuclear iron(III) Schiff base complexes with terminal pseudohalido co-ligands" (authors: L. Pogány, B. Brachňaková, J. Moncol, J. Pavlik, I. Nemec, Z. Trávníček, M. Mazúr, L. Bučinský, L. Suchánek, I. Šalitroš) was published in Chemistry - A European Journal.

1. nov 2017

The publication entitled "Crystal structures and magnetic properties of two series of phenoxo-O bridged dinuclear Ln2 (Ln = Gd, Tb, Dy) complexes" (authors: M. Machata, R. Herchel, I. Nemec, Z. Trávníček) was published in Dalton Transactions.

28. aug 2017

The publication entitled "Tetranuclear Ni(II) and Co(II) Schiff-base complexes with an M4O6 defective dicubane-like core: zero-field SMM behavior in the cobalt analogue" (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, M. Machata, Z. Trávníček) was published in New Journal of Chemistry.

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