6. sep 2017

The national patent entitled "Platinum diiodo complexes with ω-substituted derivatives of 6-alkyloxy-9-deazapurine and use of these complexes for the preparation of medicaments for antitumor therapy" (CZ 306966 B6, inventors: Trávníček, Z.; Vančo, J.; Gáliková, J.; Křikavová, R.; Dvořák, Z.) was granted on 6/9/2017.

28. aug 2017

The publication entitled "Tetranuclear Ni(II) and Co(II) Schiff-base complexes with an M4O6 defective dicubane-like core: zero-field SMM behavior in the cobalt analogue" (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, M. Machata, Z. Trávníček) was published in New Journal of Chemistry.

25. jul 2017

The publication entitled "In vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory active copper(II)-lawsone complexes" (autoři: J. Vančo, Z. Trávníček, J. Hošek, P. Suchý Jr.) was published in PLoS One journal.

The publication entitled "Molecular, cellular and pharmacological effects of platinum(II) diiodido complexes containing 9-deazahypoxanthine derivatives: A group of broad-spectrum anticancer active agents" (authors: J. Vančo, Z. Trávníček, R. Křikavová, J. Gáliková, M. Chalupová) was published in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology.

1. jun 2017
2. may 2017

The publication entitled "An octanuclear Schiff-base complex with a Na2Ni6 core: structure, magnetism and DFT calculations" (authors: M. Machata, I. Nemec, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) was published in the journal RSC Advances.

13. apr 2017

The publication entitled "Impact of Halogenido Coligands on Magnetic Anisotropy in Seven-Coordinate Co(II) Complexes" (authors: B. Drahoš, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) was published in the journal Inorganic Chemistry. 

3. apr 2017

The publication entitled "Croconato-bridged copper(II) complexes: synthesis, structure and magnetic characterization" (authors: S.S. Massoud, G.F. Williams, F.R. Louka, M.M. Henary, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček, R.C. Fischer, F.A. Mautner) was published in New Journal of Chemistry.

15. mar 2017

European Patent Office (EPO) granted the european patent "Utilization of copper complexes involving 2-phenyl-3-hydroxy-4(1H)-quinolinone and 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives for the preparation of drugs for the treatment of tumour diseases" (EP2650000 B1, 2017/03/15; inventors: Trávníček, Z.; Vančo, J.; Buchtík, R.; Dvořák, Z.).

27. feb 2017

The publication entitled "Magnetic Anisotropy and Field‐induced Slow Relaxation of Magnetization in Tetracoordinate CoIICompound [Co(CH3‐im)2Cl2]" (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, M. Kern, P. Neugebauer, J. van Slageren, Z. Trávníček) was published in the journal Materials. 

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