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The research at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry concentrates on novel coordination compounds of transition metals in various oxidation states, e.g. platinum (II/IV), iron (II,III), cobalt(II,III), nickel (II), zinc (II), copper (II), gold (I/III) and lanthanides (Ln) showing the properties suitable for practical application in medicine (anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic active compounds), nanotechnologies (precursors for the preparation of nanoparticles based on transition metal oxides with defined properties, hybrid molecular-crystalline nanostructures with a functionalized carrier based on iron oxide and with a bonded coordination compound combining properties of both constituents) and material research (compounds showing extraordinary magnetic properties – molecular magnets and spin-crossover compounds). More information on research at our department can be found here (link).


The Department of Inorganic Chemistry offers studies in Inorganic Chemistry and Teaching of Chemistry. The department holds accreditations for doctoral programmes (RNDr., PhD) as well as to appoint associate and full professors. Our teaching activities also involve science popularization for pupils and secondary school students, design, modernization or simplification of school chemistry experiments, organization of annual chemical Olympics and extracurricular chemical laboratory courses and excursions for primary and secondary school students. More information on teaching under the umbrella of our department can be found here (link).

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Faculty of Science
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