CHNS elemental analyser Thermo Scientific Flash 2000.


Flame atomic absorption spectrometer iCE 3300 (ThermoScientific) for determination of metals (Cu, Pt, Fe, Au, Zn, Ru) with air/C2H2/N2O flame.

Atomová absorpční spektroskopie

UHPLC-MS (Dionex/ThermoScientific) with a 3D ion trap detector and equipped with electrospray (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources.


400 MHz NMR spectrometer Varian.

Varian NMR spektrometr

FT-IR spectrometer ThermoNicolet Nexus 670 for measurements of solid and liquid samples (transmission, ATR, DRIFT) and connected to a Raman module Nicolet NXR 9650 s NXE Genie with germanium detector.

P5a.jpg, 5 kB

FT-IR spectrometer Perkin-Elmer Spectrum One for measurements of mid-IR spectra of solid samples in pellets (transmission setting).

P5b.jpg, 4 kB

FT-IR spekcrometer Jasco FT/IR-4700 (Jasco) with the spectral range 7800-350 cm-1.


FT-IR microscope Nicolet iN10 (Thermo Scientific) for IR analysis of microscopic samples with the spectral range 7800-450 cm-1 .

A double beam automatic UV-VIS spectrometer Cintra 3030 (GBC Scientific Instruments) with the wavelength range 190-900 nm.  

Handheld X-ray fluorescence analyser Delta Professional (Olympus) provides fast and nondestructive elemental analysis of various materials.


UV-Vis spectrometer Perkin-Elmer Lambda 35 (11,000-40,000 cm-1) for measurements of absorption as well as diffuse-reflectance spectra


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Fluorescence spectrometer AvaSpec HS1024x122TE for measurements of emission (luminescence) spectra of liquid and solid samples. P6.jpg, 5 kB
Potentiostat CHI600C (CH Instruments) for measurements of cyclic voltammetry (CV) and other electrochemical methods (LSV, CA, CC or BA).  Atomová absorpční spektroskopie Microwave reaction system Monowave 300 (Anton Paar) - reactor for microwave syntheses with a wide range of operating conditions (300 °C, 30 bar).  P10.jpg, 5 kB
Magnetic susceptibility balance MSB-AUTO (Sherwood Scientific) for measurements of volume and mass susceptibility at room temperature (ca. 293 K) of solid, liquid and gas samples. P6.jpg, 5 kB X-ray powder diffractometer MiniFlex600 (Rigaku) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of diffraction data of powder polycrystalline materials. CHNS-O










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