Single crystal X-ray diffractometer D8 QUEST (Bruker) equipped with PHOTON 100 CMOS detector.

P8.jpg, 11 kB

Single crystal X-ray diffractometer Oxford Diffraction Xcalibur2 equipped with CCD detector Sapphire2 for measurements in temperature range 90-300 K.

P8.jpg, 11 kB

600 MHZ NMR spectrometer JNM-ECA600II JEOL with the detection probe for solution phase measurements and with the probe for solid state measurements.

P6.jpg, 5 kB

400 MHz NMR spectrometer Varian

Varian NMR spektrometr

SQUID magnetometer XL-7 (Quantum Design) for measurements of magnetization from 1.9 K to 400 K in the magnetic field up to 7 T.

P13.jpg, 5 kB

Dynacool from Quantum Design working from 1.9 K to 400 K in the magnetic field up to 9 T. 


Mössbauer spectrometer with 57Co source. 

Varian NMR spektrometr

Spectrometer for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) utilizing microwave frequency of 9.2-9.6 GHz and magnetic field of 5-650 mT, for measurements at 103-473 K.

P12.jpg, 11 kB

UHPLC-MS (Dionex/ThermoScientific) with a 3D ion trap detector and equipped with electrospray (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) sources.


HPLC with DAD spectral detector + mass spectrometr wit inductively coupled plasma ICP-MS (Agilent 1260 + Agilent ICP-MS 7700x) for speciation and elemental analysis.


Gas chromatograph with flame-ionization detector (GC-FID) and autosampler.


X-ray powder diffractometer MiniFlex600 (Rigaku) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of diffraction data of powder polycrystalline materials.


FT-IR spectrometer ThermoNicolet Nexus 670 for measurements of solid and liquid samples (transmission, ATR, DRIFT) and connected to a Raman module Nicolet NXR 9650 s NXE Genie with germanium detector.

P5a.jpg, 5 kB

FT-IR spectrometer Perkin-Elmer Spectrum One for measurements of mid-IR spectra of solid samples in pellets (transmission setting).

P5b.jpg, 4 kB

UV-Vis spectrometers Perkin-Elmer Lambda40 and Lambda35 (11,000-40,000 cm-1) for measurements of absorption as well as diffuse-reflectance spectra

P3.jpg, 15 kB

Fluorescence spectrometer AvaSpec HS1024x122TE for measurements of emission (luminescence) spectra of liquid and solid samples.

P6.jpg, 5 kB

Flow cytometer CytoFlex (Beckman Coulter) equipped with 3 lasers (488 nm, 638 nm, 405 nm) and 13 fluorescence detectors.

Isothermal titration calorimeter VP-ITC (MicroCal Inc.) for measurements of liquid samples in the temperature range of 2-80 °C.

Izotermický titrační kalorimetr

TG/DSC thermal analyzer STA449 F1 (Netzsch) equipped with low-temperature (-150-1000 °C) and high-temperature (RT-1600 °C) furnaces and autosampler.

DSC termosystém

Thermal analyser Exstar (Seiko Instruments) for detecting TGA and DTA curves in 20-1,100 °C.

DSC termosystém

CHNS elemental analyser Thermo Scientific Flash 2000,


Scanning electron microscope Tescan VEGA 3 LM with energy-dispersion spectrometer (EDS) Bruker XFlash 6|10.


Potentiostat CHI600C (CH Instruments) for measurements of cyclic voltammetry (CV) and other electrochemical methods (LSV, CA, CC or BA).

Atomová absorpční spektroskopie

Microwave reaction system Monowave 300 (Anton Paar) - reactor for microwave syntheses with a wide range of operating conditions (300 °C, 30 bar).

P10.jpg, 5 kB

Reaction autoclave for chemical syntheses, e.g. hydrogenations, hydrothermal reactions; temperature range of 0-220 °C and pressure range of 1-60 bar.

P12.jpg, 11 kB

Flame atomic absorption spectrometer iCE 3300 (ThermoScientific) for determination of metals (Cu, Pt, Fe, Au, Zn, Ru) with air/C2H2/N2O flame.

 Atomová absorpční spektroskopie

Computer cluster from 32 dual processor computers on Intel Xeon and AMD Dual Core Opteron platforms with 100 GB RAM, 2TB HDD memory.

výpočtový server

Magnetic susceptibility balance MSB-AUTO (Sherwood Scientific) for measurements of volume and mass susceptibility at room temperature (ca. 293 K) of solid, liquid and gas samples.

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