Ph.D. Degree

The Department of Inorganic Chemistry offers doctoral studies in Inorganic Chemistry and Didactics of Chemistry. Both fields of study can be studied full-time as well as in the combined form.
In the case of the full-time doctoral studies, students receive basic scholarship with the prospect of its raise based on study and research results. They can be accommodated in student dormitories, eat in student canteen under the same conditions as students of bachelor’s and master’s programmes.
In the case of the combined form of doctoral studies (extramural studies), the students lose the advantages of the full-time students.
Doctoral studies are completed after passing the final state examination and defending dissertation, which has to prove student’s ability of independent research work. The graduate is awarded the academic degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).
Detailed information concerning admission and curriculum can be found here (link).

Dissertation topics for the academic year 2019/2020:


  • Photomagnetically active coordination compounds
    Assoc. Prof. Ing. Radovan Herchel, Ph.D.

    Annotation: Proposed PhD project is oriented on the synthesis and characterization of ligand susceptible to external stimuli – light, which will trigger structural changes and hence magnetic properties of the coordination compounds comprising such ligands.

  • Coordination compounds showing the magnetic bi- or multistability – materials for new generation of memory devices
    Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Ing. Ivan Šalitroš, Ph.D.

    Annotation: Proposed PhD project is oriented on the synthesis and characterization of magnetically active transition metal and/or lanthanide complexes showing specific magnetic phenomena like spin crossover effect, single molecule magnetism or single chain magnetism. Such coordination compounds exhibit magnetic bi- or multistability and in this sense are very attractive from the application point of view. Possible technological utilization might be in the case of high capacity memory devices, display technologies, spintronics, contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging etc. 




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