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The Department of Inorganic Chemistry offers a single-subject bachelor and two-year follow-up master’s degree studies of Bioinorganic Chemistry and master’s degree in Inorganic Chemistry. Additionally, our department offers bachelor and master’s degree in Teaching of Chemistry, which is double-subject studies, therefore students attend the courses in Chemistry and in another subject within the Faculty of Science, Palacký University, from the following: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Geography, Geology and Environmental Protection. It is also possible to continue in postgraduate studies at our department and get a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry or Didactics of Chemistry. Students are encouraged to pursue independent research (within their research work on bachelor, diploma or PhD thesis) with the department members on the research topics we focus on, e.g. preparation of biologically active compounds, precursors for preparation of nanoparticles, magnetically interesting materials. Students in their research can learn to operate modern analytical equipment and have access to latest scientific literature. Students of the programmes Teaching of Chemistry and Didactics of Chemistry can participate in design or modernization of school chemistry experiments, teaching materials, in organizing chemical Olympics and excursions for primary and secondary school students.
The Department of Inorganic Chemistry has a long-time cooperation with Juniata College in Pennsylvania, US, therefore one or two best students can go for a two to three-month study stay at this partner college and gain valuable experience in chemistry as well as English language. 

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

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